Sandhill Crane Experience at Plum Creek Nature Preserve

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Sandhill Crane Experience at Plum Creek Nature Preserve

Bring the family for an unforgettable experience at the Plum Creek Nature Center’s  “Sandhill Crane Experience” November 14, and stay at the nearby and affordable Best Western Inn Suites Midway Hotel!

Plum Creek Nature Center’s Sandhill Crane Experience is a must-do for nature lovers. Participants will board a chartered bus that will transport guests to the Jasper Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area outside Medaryville, Indiana. Annually, thousands of sandhill cranes gather there for food and rest on their annual migration. Expenses cover travel, snacks and experienced guides.

Sandhill Cranes are among the most stunning of North American birds. Their lineage goes back 10,000,000 years. Their wingspans are five to seven feet (they fly by attaining lift and gliding on air currents), and their haunting, shrill voices fill autumnal wetlands. They are highly social birds, staying in protective flocks. The cranes are vegetarians, dining on aquatic plant life and grains. Up to 450,000 of them migrate from Nebraska to Ohio. They have red foreheads, white cheeks and long, pointed bills. The winter nesting ground is south along the Mexico US borders.

The Plum Creek Nature Center is located at 27064 South Dutton Road in Beecher, Illinois. For reservations (required) and more information, call (708) 946-2216 by Friday, November 6! Bring binoculars and a camera.

The Best Western Inn Suites Midway Hotel, just minutes from the Plum Creek Nature Center, offers affordable guest rooms, free breakfast, an indoor swimming pool, hot tub and a fitness center. Special AAA rates are available. Call the property direct at (708) 497-3000.