Brookfield Zoo – BEST WESTERN Midway

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Brookfield Zoo – BEST WESTERN Midway

When you think Chicago, images of outstanding architecture, infamous gangsters, and deep dish pizza might be a few of the things that pop into your head.  While we are a city with world renowned buildings, we do have a gangster rich history, and the Chicago deep dish pizza is far more delicious than anything you’ll taste in New York – there is so much more to the Windy City than what you’d expect.

Chicago is a city rich in family friendly activities.  When visiting our city, you and your family need to make a stop at the Brookfield Zoo.  The Brookfield Zoo is consistently ranked among the best in the world having received accolades from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums for their excellence in educating the public about delicate ecosystems and wild animals.  While visiting the Windy City, stop by the zoo which is conveniently located near Best Western Midway Inn.

New To The Brookfield Zoo

One recent addition to Brookfield is Max, a 2 year-old Amur Tiger fresh from the Pittsburg Zoo. It is the goal of the Chicago Zoological Society to foster the continued development of all the zoo’s animal’s natural instincts.  Max is no exception.  The challenge facing the team responsible for Max’s care is to keep this big cat stimulated mentally and physically.  To do this, Max’s caregivers occasionally introduce unusual elements to his enclosure.  For an example of this, visit Brookfield’s Facebook page where Max can be seen playing with a meaty snowman and honing his tiger instincts.

Also new to the zoo are a pair of rather odd friends.  Thani, a three year old gibbon, and Kekasih, a four year old Orangutan have been hanging out quite frequently ever since Thani learned how to escape the bonds of her own enclosure and made her way over to the Orangutan area. These clever little monkeys can be viewed in Brookfield Zoo’s popular Asia exhibit.

Brookfield and Learning

While Brookfield is an exciting place where guests of the zoo can see a number of beautiful, exiting, and entertaining wild animals, the best feature of Brookfield Zoo, is the classes they offer.  Zoo classes are geared, quite heavily, toward hands-on family experiences and are a big reason why Brookfield Zoo is the best zoo in the Northern United States.

Working in partnership with the Chicago Zoological Society, Brookfield offers a number of fun ways for families to learn about conservation, our animals, and all the excitement of the natural world.  While visiting Brookfield Zoo, make sure your family takes advantage of Brookfield Zoo’s learning programs such as their Family Play Program, Windows Into The Zoo, and Wild Encounters.

Brookfield Zoo also offers zoo tours which are led by a a knowledgable member of the zoo’s staff and are appropriate for adults as well as families.

While visiting Chicago, Brookfield Zoo is a great place for your family to visit.  Staying at the Best Western Midway hotel means Brookfield Zoo, and many other exciting Chicago adventures are waiting right at your doorstep.  While staying in our comfy and welcoming accommodations, why not ask one of our friendly staff for more tips on other exciting family friendly adventures the Windy City has in store for you.